Luxury Hotels Thailand

Luxury Hotels Thailand. 

I have been lucky enough to live in Thailand for just over 18 years, and travelled to almost every region of Thailand.

The Series

Therefore I have decided to run a weekly series on Thailand’s Top Luxury hotels, whereby each week i will feature a different region in Thailand and give my personal Top 5 Luxury Hotels.

Pure Luxury 

The hotels I will feature on both this website, and my Youtube Channel will be the very best hotels, pure luxury in the 5 Star almost 6 star category. Most of these hotels I have stayed in, and therefore I will give you my personal thoughts on each property and just why they feature so highly on my list.

I will cover everything from pricing, facilities, location to food and service.

Luxury Hotels Thailand

Luxury Hotels Thailand

This will not be an easy task because there are so many Luxury Hotels in Thailand, but I am hoping that it will give you the information you need to make decision on a hotel if you are considering Thailand as a destination for your next trip.

I will also post links to for each property I review, so you can then immediately check prices for your favourite luxury hotel.

There will also be a Youtube video with my thoughts, official footage as well as my own video footage so you can really get a feel for these properties.

Hopefully you will find it enjoyable and also helpful if you are looking for the very best Luxury Hotels in Thailand.

Check back next week where my first review will be of Koh Samui.


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