Keemala Phuket – A Resort that is Simply Enchanting

keemala Phuket

Keemala Phuket

I love to travel, it fills me with optimism and excitement, and living in Thailand we are blessed with so many amazing places to visit.

One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to stay in brand new resorts, there is something so special in thinking that maybe you are the first person to of slept in the bed, or to use the shower, there is something different about trial stays.

The service is not always fully polished and staff are nervous, it basically strips the experience back to bare bones, and you feel like you are at the very beginning of the adventure for the property and its staff members.

Recently my wife Nui, and I were invited to stay at a brand new resort named Keemala on the island of Phuket, and of course there was no way we were going to turn down this offer, so we jumped on a plane and within an hour we were in the extremely popular resort of Phuket.

So a brief description of the resort.

Keemala Phuket is nestled well away from the crowds and overlooks Kamala village and the beautiful blue Andaman Sea.

It’s positioned in the hills and within lush woodland scenery. The concept is  a retreat away from every day life and promises you to an enchanting evergreen wonderland. A bold concept considering most people travel to Phuket for the beaches and islands, but it certainly grabbed our attention and we were incredibly excited to visit.

On Arrival

We were collected by our very own personal villa butler (who was there for us 24/7) in a luxury SUV Hummer lookalike, and we were soon whisked away from the hustle of the airport and 45 minutes later we entered a kind of tropical Disney Land, and not in a bad way, amazing scenery, beautiful structures, and breathtaking hills and mountain backdrop.

All the accommodation at Keemala Phuket, is private pool villas, and wow they are incredible, and there are just 38 of these beauties, which include Clay Pool Cottages, Tent Pool Villas, Tree Pool Houses, Bird’s Nest Pool Villas.

The Bird’s Nest Pool Villas

Our butler wanted to show us the various accommodations on offer, and after a short tour we were whisked to the peak of the mountain in the golf buggy to our very own “Bird’s Nest” Villa.

It was great that we  got to see the other villas, which were stunning but WOW our Birds Nest, was simply amazing, and it should be, considering it is the highest room category in the resort.

Its also the largest villa at Keemala Phuket with a total space of 185m² including outdoor terrace and 30m² pool, overlooking the entire resort with distant views to the ocean, simply incredible.

The Villa is huge with vaulted ceilings and finished with a mass of teak, mahogany and walnut (all reclaimed and eco friendly we were told).

The reliance on wood – as well as matting and bamboo makes you feel like you were actually in a birds next, especially with the huge floor to ceiling windows and doors.

We particularly liked the Telescope by the window, along with dedicated lounge area.

Then there’s the bathroom, a gargantuan onyx-black bathtub looking like it was carved from one rock, with an equally impressive shower that is clad in beautiful bronze and crazy turquoise mosaic floor.

As to be expected in a room of this luxury category, a huge bed and I mean easily another for 4 adults, in fact I would say it was a long as it was wide, drenched in at least 12 pillows and cocooned with a traditional mosquito net, which hung impressively from the 4 to 5 meter ceilings. We were happy and impressed.

Outside we were greeted by 2 sun loungers, a large wooden deck and of course the infinity edged private swimming pool, with views of the entire resort, i actually felt i was in some kind of “Lord of the Rings” set, the views of the other villas, dotted around this surreal setting was quite something special.

The video below will show you more of our stay and what the resort has to offer, all I can say is, if you are considering Phuket as your next holiday destination and you want to try something completely different, then think no further than Keemala Phuket , its enchanting and you will not be disappointed.