J.ME Drone Possibly The most advanced Drone in it’s class

J,me Drone

J.ME Drone from Feima Robotics drone

J.Me Drone from Feima Robotics

Company Background

Feima was founded by a number of former Lenovo executives and have been developing a number of un manned drones for arial surveillance including the F200,

and the F1000 and UAV Steward Software, for commercial use.

The release of the J.Me Follow Me drone, the company is now breaking in to the drone enthusiast market.

This lightweight, small, well designed, good looking drone is packed with features, not normally expected with a “starter” drone. drone

It is the first super small drone in this market sector and price with a 2 axis motorised gimbal and on board camera capable of shooting 4K.

drone camaera

Packed with Features

For a drone of this size and price point, this little beauty comes with some very smart features.

The aforementioned 4K recording and 2 Axis  gimbal, advanced intelligent tracking, active voice controls, 23 Minute Flight time.

J.ME also uses 76 ° wide angle and F2.0 large aperture lens, can shoot 4K HD video, 13 million pixel photos,  and 32GB built-in storage


The J.ME Drone has no remote control, simply install the phone APP – J.ME Fly, and you can enjoy flying and shooting with your phone or tablet.

Real time viewing through the App is at 720P resolution.

The J.Me Drone is a pocket sized drone packed with features and beautifully designed.

It comes with a Gold body shell and also white, but the gold does look amazing, and different.

Whats in the Box

• J.Me quadcopter;

• FM3000 Flight battery (4s, 3000mAh);

• Balance battery charger;

• Data cable;

• User manual.

 To see a full unboxing check the video below for more information.

Or visit

If the features are as good as the official website show, we could have a market leader on our hands.


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