Atlas Dynamics to smash the “Pro” Drone Market


Atlas Pro Drone

Amazing Pro Drone to be released at Interdrone 2017

Atlas Dynamics a leading provider of drone-based solutions has announced that it will showcase  its market-ready professional drone  Atlas Pro at InterDrone 2017


The Atlas Pro drone has an amazing 55 minute flight time and 50km range.

Sure to be make it a market leader.

Live demos and presentations will be held at Interdrone 2017 September 6-8, 2017 • Rio Hotel – Las Vegas, NV Booth 800.

It will be commercially available in North America this quarter, with Atlas’ first US-based customer receiving the platform this month.

The Atlas Pro will address several market segments, including infrastructure inspection, security, precision agriculture and emergency response.


Huge Funding

Interest and confidence in this company is high, with Atlas Dynamics recently securing an additional 8 Million USD of funding.


Founded in 2015 by Ivan Tolchinsky and Igor Zhydanov, is a leading provider of fully autonomous drone-based solutions.

Latest Technology

The Atlas Pro drone is designed with the very latest cutting edge technology with:

Proprietary and patented technologies, aeronautical design, Lithium Silicon smart battery.

The Drone

Extended 55 min flight time

50 KM range

140 km/h

Highly durable, compact and light-weight carbon frame

Performance in extreme weather (IP52)

Yi Erida

Atlas are also the developers of the consumer drone the Yi Erida which will  be released shortly.

Made of light-yet-strong carbon fiber, it can reach speeds of up to 120 km and stay fly for up to 40 minutes.

This is longer than any other ready-to-fly drone.

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