Atlas Dynamics. A True Power House in the Commercial Drone Sector

Atlas Dynamics

Atlas Dynamics, a developer of drone-based solutions for both Professional and Consumer users, is introducing 3 products this week at InterDrone 2017.

Atlas Dynamics’ first product The Atlas Pro is designed and developed exclusively for the professional user.

It offers the following, and will be fully launched at and demoed at Interdrone 2017 LAs Vegas.

  • 55-minute flight time
  • 50 km range
  • Compact size for portability and accessibility (0.9 KG)
  • Highly durable, light-weight carbon frame
  • Weather resistant (IP52)
  • Autonomous, easy to integrate operating system
  • Versatile exchangeable payload

Atlas Dynamics will partner with US-based Pentagon Performance Inc. (PPI) to deliver the first drones to customers


Atlas Dynamics The NEST

The NEST is a charging station that allows for BVLOS operation for extended flight range and constant drone readiness.

When the drone needs a battery change it can autonomously land in the NEST where a robotic arm changes the drone’s batteries.

We are not quite sure in how this will actually work, but the Atlas team will be giving full demonstrations at the launch event.

However one thing we can say it looks cool, and the concept is brilliant.

“NEST is not simply a docking station. It is a strategic component of our company’s vision for fully autonomous drone missions,” explained Guy Cherni, CMO of Atlas Dynamics.

“The ultimate goal of NEST, combined with our autonomous mission OS, is to make a highly sophisticated technology an accessible tool for professionals in every industry.

Of course, the automation NEST provides is a key factor in achieving this accessibility.”

The Blue-J

atlas blue j

In addition to the amazing Atlas Pro Drone and The Nest, Atlas will also showcase a Fixed Wing UAV.

It will feature a 3.5-meter wing span, four to six hours of flight time and a 150-kilometer  range.

The fixed wing UAV can be operated in autonomous and semi-autonomous modes, including takeoff and landing.

Made fully of carbon the Atlas Blue-J is lightweight (11kg) and can carry up to a nine-kilogram payload.

Atlas dynamics are really pushing the boundary for the “Pro” drone market with these new products.

CEO and Company Vision

“The efficiency of our drones speaks directly to our company’s DNA: technological excellence and a passion to simplify complex aerospace technologies for mass adoption,” said Ivan Tolchinsky CEO

“While we specialize in drones, we are, at our core, an aerospace company.

We plan to continue to develop and bring to market our cutting-edge products, such as the Atlas Blue-J, to develop these advanced technologies into accessible every day tools for professionals around the world.”

About Atlas Dynamics

Atlas Dynamics, founded in 2015 by Ivan Tolchinsky and Igor Zhydanov, is a leading provider of fully autonomous drone-based solutions for professional users.

Utilising its proprietary aerospace technology, the company provides users with valuable data, quickly and safely, through highly resistant, intuitive and easy-to-use products.

Atlas serves a range of visual-line-of-sight (VLOS) and behind-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) applications.

Atlas Dynamics

Atlas drones can achieve longer flight times, wider ranges, faster speeds and ​greater altitudes with versatile sensors and payloads.

Which will serve key markets including infrastructure inspection, construction, security, first response, delivery and insurance.

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